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Camping Zellersee
Camping Zellersee

Campingplatz Zellersee
Fred und Annemiek van den Boomgaard
Zellerseeweg 3
83259 Schleching-Mettenham
Tel.: +49(0)8649 – 98 67 19
Fax: +49(0)8649 – 98 65 76

Camping site order

The team from the camping site Zellersee greets you warmly and wishes you a pleasant stay.We hardly try to form your holidays so pleasantly as possible. Please avoid everything, what is annoying on the place.With entrance of the camping site you recognize the camping site order and commit yourselves to their observance.
It is  object between the render and the tenant of the hire contract about a vacation parking lot  on the camping site Zellersee.

With entrance of the camping site you recognize the following camping site order:

1. This tourist camping side is no residential arrangement for movable groups of persons who do obviously not  pursue camping in the customary sense.
The place is also not available for persons, who live on the place to follow  within or beyond the place a professional/ commercial activity.

2. Please announce yourselves immediately with arrival at the adoption. Please deposit at the adoption your identity card or your Camping Card International. We fulfill the registration  formalities for you.
If you want to put up an additional tent, please say it with the registration.

3. Please take consideration for other campers  and avoid rest- annoying noise.
Sound music is basically not permitted. By offense you have to rely with a reproof of the place.
The night’s rest begins at 23.00 o’clock and ends at 7.00 o’clock. In the rest time we take no new guests up. During this time no motorized vehicles may be moved  on the camping site. Arriving guests may park their car before the entrance.

4. Please follow the instructions of the management for putting up automobiles, caravans and tents.

5. On the whole area you are asked to drive step speed; this is also valid for cyclists etc.

6. It is not allowed to make ditches and to enclose parking lots. Please also pay attention to the fact, that nobody is endangered by tent-plugs, - strings and other tent accessories.

7. Certainly you like it as much as we if it is clean in your surroundings. That is why we ask you to leave the sanitary equipment so as you have found them. Children under 6 years may enter the sanitary equipment and toilet only in company of an adult.

8. Special surfaces for ball games are available. – Please use them.

9. Our valuable material court is available for your rubbish.  Please, separate your garbage. At this manner we have low costs for disposal and we can refrain from a passing on of the garbage fee to you. Bulky refuse, defective devices like TV, chairs, old tents etc. are to be decontaminated by the camper at the valuable material court of the municipality. If he puts down unjustified such objects on the camping area or if he throws this in the garbage container, disposal costs and expenditure are directly calculated to the camper.

10. For safety reasons campfires are strictly forbidden; also the use of spirit or slightly ignitable liquids, e.g. while lighting a grill. Please take consideration for your neighbors.

11. In your own interest you should obey our instructions concerning your security while swimming.

12. According to the topical price list in the notice the fees for an overnight stay exist from:
Parking lot fee, personal fee, electricity and health resort rate.

13. Please inform our management  in the evening before departure about your departure time. The departure should be before 11 o’clock because otherwise we have to calculate another overnight stay. Please leave a clean parking lot with departure.

14. The house management is entitled to exercise the house right. That means we can refuse the admission of persons or expel guests of the place if this seems to be necessary in the interest of other campers.

15. Dogs are NOT allowed at the camping area!


Herewith earlier camping site orders lose her validity.
Schleching, 01.01.2021

We wish you a pleasant and restful stay on our camping site!

Fred and Annemiek van den  Boomgaard

© 2010 Campingplatz Zellersee