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Camping Zellersee
Camping Zellersee

Campingplatz Zellersee
Fred und Annemiek van den Boomgaard
Zellerseeweg 3
83259 Schleching-Mettenham
Tel.: +49(0)8649 – 98 67 19
Fax: +49(0)8649 – 98 65 76

General terms of business


1.) Regulation
These terms of business regulate the mutual duties and rights between the camping guest and the owner of the camping site Zellersee in Schleching- Mettenham. The contractual achievements of the camping side are made on account of the present offers, descriptions and quotes of the price- lists valid for each case of the holiday season space. Telephone information, other contests or assurances, no matter what kind, needs to her effectiveness a written form and is only by a written confirmation of the camping site Zellersee part of the contract.

2.) Reservations
Reservations can be done by  fax or email or during the adoption opening times.

3.) Travel groups
Groups with 4 unities are accepted only after notification in advance. Basically with groups one responsible person commissioned by the group has to be available to the camping site management.

4.) Youngsters
Stays of youngsters less than 18 years are permitted only in company of an education beneficiary to whom the parental rights and duties and the responsibility were transferred by the parents of the travelling youngsters. The presentation of a suitable written document of the parents is necessary.

5.) Rent duration
For July and August as well as holidays and extended week- ends a reservation has to be done on time with prompt deposit. For a reservation counts at least a reservation time of 5 nights.

6.) Reservation confirmation
An obligatory reservation confirmation is dispatched within four or five days. This is to be checked by the camping guest concerning the number of persons and the personal data. On receipt of this reservation confirmation a deposit of 50,00 euro is to pay by information of the name and date of journey on the account number 69 41 915 by the VR-Bank Rosenheim-Chiemsee, BLZ 711 600 00 (IBAN: DE40 7116 0000 0006 9419 15, BIC/Swift: GENODEF1VRR). Your payment is confirmed after entrance of the deposit and the parking lot is reserved by the journey day from 11 o’clock and is kept up to the end of the adoption opening times.

7.) Departure
The reserved parking lot has to be removed until 11 o’clock and left in clean state. In arrangement with the camping site management a later departure can be given with payment of a surcharge. A precocious departure has to be immediately announced to the camping site management.

8.) Use of the place
The assigned place may be used at most by the number of persons which has announced themselves and only with one car. The camping guest who has effected the reservation sticks personally for all obligations which arise from the effected contract also for the persons announced by him.

9.) Obligations of registration
The camping guest is obliged to indicate immediately existing defects to the camping site management. If the camping guest omits this announcement, no claims, immediately for which legal argument are entitled to him.

10.) Pricelist
The fees to be paid by the camping guest arise exclusively from the topical price-lists of the camping site Zellersee. This also counts to special times like ACSI etc.. With entrance of the camping site the camping guest accepts the topical price-list which is also to be seen in the notice beside the adoption. You can pay cash, with EC-card with PIN, VISA or MAESTRO (EUROCARD).

11.) Health resort rate
The camping site Zellersee is obliged by the prescription of the health resort rate of the municipality Schleching, to receive the health resort rate according to the statutes of health resort rates and to deliver them to the municipality. The amount stated as health resort rate is expelled separately in the calculation. No credit of health resort rate can occur with precocious departure.

12.) Rescission
Any time the camping guest can withdraw the effected camping contract with a suitable written explanation to the camping site Zellersee. The performed deposit is not refunded, but is credited during the same year.

Decisively for the results of rescission for rented objects like log cabins or sleeping barrel is the entrance of the written explanation. If the camping guest withdraws from the camping contract about a rented object, is the camping site Zellersee entitled to require the following compensations:

Rescission until 60 days before beginning of the rent 10 % of the price of rent
Rescission until 45 days before beginning of the rent 25 % of the price of rent
Rescission until 30 days before beginning of the rent 50 % of the price of rent
Rescission until 7   days before beginning of the rent 5 % of the price of rent

With later rescission or precocious departure the camping guest is obliged to pay the whole sum of the price of rent. The camping site management Zellersee is entitled to withdraw from the camping contract, if the renting object is not available after completion of the contract as a result of force majeure. In this case paid amounts are refunded. Further claims are excluded. In this case the camping site Zellersee is obliged to immediate information of the camping guest.

In your own leisure carriage originate no fees with precocious departure.

13.) Cancellation
The camping site Zellersee is entitled to an instant cancellation of the contract for important reason if the camping guest offends by his behavior with lasting effect against the camping site order, endangers others, causes lasting disturbances, carries out a use contrary to  the agreement of the parking lot or the renting object or behaves in other way roughly contrary to the terms of agreement.  In this case the camping guest has no claim to repayment of the renting price.

14.) Liability
The camping site Zellersee sticks exclusively only for intention and coarse carelessness. In particular he sticks not for damages which originate from the failure or the disturbance of water-, electricity- or gas supply as well as for noise annoyance by third, as well as for careless violation of duty which enter by damages originated by the use of arrangements located on the area or devices – also those out of service – and precautions. This also is valid by duty injuries of legal representatives or assistants of the camping site. In particular is no liability of the camping site given for damages, misfortunes, losses or other irregularities which originate in connection with the use of the place.

As far as disclaimers of liability are inadmissible legally, a liability is only given with the legal regulations because of the injury of life, body or health.

Swimming in the lake is permitted and occurs in own danger.

The camping guest is obliged, to treat all rooms, renting objects, parking lot and inventory carefully.

15.) Camping site order
The camping site order which is put up and handed over if requested, is obliging for all camping guests.

16.) Parking
Vehicles of visitors and own second vehicles have to be placed beyond the camping site area before the barrier.

17.) General
The camping guest is entitled to compensate only such demands which are ascertained indisputable or legally.

The right of the “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” is valid between the camping guest and the camping site Zellersee. Exclusive legal venue for all disputes from the contract is Traunstein, thus the camping guest no general legal venue by the home or his residence or usual stay at the time of complaint elevation not is known.

For the rest the general legal venue is applicable.

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