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Camping Zellersee
Camping Zellersee

Campingplatz Zellersee
Fred und Annemiek van den Boomgaard
Zellerseeweg 3
83259 Schleching-Mettenham
Tel.: +49(0)8649 – 98 67 19
Fax: +49(0)8649 – 98 65 76


Sleeping Barrel 2-er for 2 persons

42,00 € per night + tax.

You only need a sleepingbag/blanket and a pillow.

The Barrels are situated at a dreamplace nearby the lake.

Sleeping in a barrel


Sleeping Barrel 4-er for 2 adults and 2 children

52,00 € per night + taks.

You only need a sleepingbag/blanket and a pillow.

The Barrels are situated at a dreamplace nearby the lake.


Log cabin for 3  people

Immediately near the lake you find the affectionately furnished log cabin. A bedroom and a comfortable parlor kitchen with the possibility to sleep on the sofa let arise a comfortable camping feeling.

General and important:
Basically all prices are for 2 adults and 1 children per night. The stay from at least 6 nights in the main season and in the-low season if available 4 nights. A previous reservation is necessary.
Your rent object is on the day of arrival from 16:00 pm, on the day of departure until 10:00 am available.
Pets are not allowed in the rent objects!

Price per night:
€ 60.00 plus health resort rate

Cleaning of the following is not included:
Wash the dishes,  clean the fridge and empty the dustbin.
If this is not finished, we calculate for everything € 5,00.

Smoking in the log cabin is not allowed.


The mattress camp offers you accommodation for up to 10 people in 2 floors.

Please take your sleeping bags and covers by yourselves.
The mattress camp is suitable for groups, small groups or families whose holidays are to an end  and who have diminished their tent or caravan  on the day before departure  to depart very early next day.

Just like a hut in the mountains the mattress camp can also be used from persons who do not belong together.

We take no liability for lost objects.

Smoking in the mattress camp is not allowed!

Prices per night and people: 14,00 € + health resort rate

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